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ZZZ cosmetics

Branding, Identity, Packaging, illustration, passion project

Meet ZZZ Cosmetics! A renowned brand specializing in high-quality cosmetics designed exclusively for nighttime use. With a focus on the significance of beauty sleep for overall well-being and skin health, ZZZ has crafted a fantastic range of products tailored to nighttime skin needs. Their secret sauce? Innovative formulas brimming with the finest ingredients, delivering optimal hydration, cell repair, and a healthy complexion.

This was no ordinary project... it was pure passion! I aimed to give ZZZ Cosmetics a vibrant and modern twist while still exuding a touch of luxury that'd make it pop on those crowded market shelves and nature had the answers.

The inspiration? Crown Shyness!

Ever wondered why some trees don't touch each other? It's called Crown Shyness, a stunning natural phenomenon where the tops of trees in certain forests don't touch causing thes unusual patterns. Taking this inspiration and blending it with some bold, lively colors, I crafted the heart and soul of the brand.

The Pattern

Weaving together the pattern from the Crown Shyness and the bold spot colors of their brand, I was able to come up with a modern and luxurious vibe for the brand. With a pattern thats eye catching and vibrant colors, it stands out among the other cosmetic products that usually use limited muted colors and minimalist style packaging.


By embracing nature's beauty, ZZZ Cosmetics found its captivating identity. The Crown Shyness patterns and lively colors brought life to the brand, resonating with beauty enthusiasts seeking effective nighttime skincare. This case study proves the power of creative graphic design in conveying a brand's philosophy and building a lasting connection with consumers. Sleep tight and glow bright with ZZZ Cosmetics!


ZZZ Cosmetics
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