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Printed Theory

Rebranding, design, Web Design, Illustration, Messaging, Strategy

In response to a reputation crisis caused by previous mismanagement, clothing and merchandise company Tier Level Threads and Stuff underwent a successful rebranding as "Printed Theory." The new brand exuded playfulness, youthfulness, and professionalism, featuring a captivating mascot named "Drip."

The rebrand not only rebuilt customer trust but also led to increased sales and positive customer feedback. Strategic design efforts, a vibrant color palette and a dynamic logo, resulted in enhanced brand recognition and significant business growth.

the problem

Printed Theory is a local screen printing shop located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, that was originally know as Tier Level Threads and Stuff. Due to a reputation crisis caused by previous management, Tier Level Thread and Stuff had to go through an intensive rebranding effort. Tier Level Threads and Stuff suffered from poor management decisions, subpar products, and inadequate customer service.The new CEO was determined to salvage the company's image and decided too rebrand to Printed Theory.

The solution

The objective was to create a fresh, young, and professional brand identity that resonated more with young entrepreneurs and business owners, and would still appeal to wide general audience. The rebranding process aimed to revitalize customer trust and loyalty while emphasizing a sense of playfulness and innovation. Working together with my other art directors, Bethany Kirby and Drew Messina, we were able to accomplish that.

Logo and mascot

The name "Printed Theory" was chosen to signify a fresh perspective on clothing and merchandise, emphasizing innovative designs and quality printing. With that I wanted to make the logo unique and memorable so I decided to hand letter the logo.

The mascot, a friendly and playful character named "Drip," embodied the company's values and create a strong emotional connection with customers. Along with Drip we added 10 smaller characters that are typically used within the sticker bomb design, a brand asset that can be used for marketing materials, social media and retail purposes.

the results

The rebranding was unveiled through a strategic and coordinated marketing campaign. Printed Theory leveraged its social media platforms, collaborating with local business such as schools, doggy daycares and boutiques to generate buzz around the new brand. A series of engaging launch events and promotions were organized to attract attention and drive sales.

6 months after the launch, Printed Theory saw a double in sales compared to the previous year, positive customer reviews and feedback with 4.9 stars on Google, and an increase of new customers.


The rebranding of Printed Theory from Tier Level Threads and Stuff shows the power of strategic design in overcoming a reputation crisis. By infusing a sense of playfulness, youthfulness, and professionalism into the brand, Printed Theory successfully connected with its audience on an emotional level and restored its position as a prominent player in the market. The incorporation of the mascot "Drip" further enhanced brand recognition, leaving a lasting impression on customers and setting the stage for continued success in the future.


Printed Theory


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