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Chase Davis

Packaging, branding, mockups, passion project, illustration

Chase Davis is a passionate barber who takes pride in his craft and continuously strives to improve both his skills and himself. Chase enjoys the bustling atmosphere of the barbershop, where he tailors each haircut to meet the unique goals and specifications of his clients.

When discussing his brand, Chase emphasized that he envisioned it to be minimalistic and exuding a dark, subtle aura. He wanted his logo to feature his name along with three arrows, a significant tattoo on his right hand.


The objective for this project was to create a brand identity for Chase that embodied his personality, craftsmanship, and minimalist aesthetic. The logo design needed to be versatile enough to work on various materials and mediums, while also reflecting his quiet and unassuming character.

The logo

The primary logo prominently featured Chase's name in a sleek and stylish font. The three arrows were incorporated into the typography, making it a cohesive design. The color palette focused on 3 color, Black, White, and 50% Grey, to match the minimalistic and dark theme, while also giving a touch of sophistication.

The vision

To visualize the brand in various contexts, the logo was applied to different materials and mediums, including stationery, shop signage, merchandise, and social media assets.

the results

The collaboration with Chase Davis resulted in a brand identity that perfectly encapsulated his personality, passion for barbering, and minimalist preferences. The primary logo with his name and integrated arrows served as the anchor, while the secondary and tertiary variations added flexibility to the brand's application.


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